LiteSpeed Cache with Cloudflare FREE Setup - best pair for WordPress optimization

The best of both worlds. That's how I see LiteSpeed Cache with Cloudflare setup. This Cloudflare LiteSpeed Cache setup will allow you to use the best WordPress CDN provider with the best WordPress optimization plugin. Combining them properly will give you a very fast website loading speed. But there is one biggest problem you will […]

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[FIXED] Eliminate Render-Blocking Resources WordPress Plugin - 3 Easy Options

It is pretty simple to eliminate render-blocking resources WordPress. You just need to delay the loading of all CSS and JavaScript files in your WordPress site. This will, however, require you to take advantage of something called critical CSS. Eliminating render-blocking resources in WordPress will significantly increase the perceived loading speed of your WordPress site […]

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[FIXED] Preload Key Requests WordPress Plugin - 3 Easy Options

It is pretty easy to fix the preload key requests WordPress warning with a plugin. This will take away the need of writing any CSS, JavaScript, or PHP code. So, you will be able to easily get rid of the preload key requests warning of PageSpeed Insights and make your site faster using just the […]

Read More vs Cloudflare - 5 key differences

The feud of vs Cloudflare has already begun especially after the release of Cloudflare APO. This makes the competition even stronger. The choice is going to be difficult but worthwhile in the end. Keep reading to find out the winner specifically for you. If I was making a comparison between and Cloudflare without […]

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As expected, has already started gaining popularity among WordPress users. It may be new but not to be overlooked. This review is all about that. Why it is becoming so popular in so little time and why you need to start considering it immediately. What is is a reverse proxy CDN […]

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Wix vs WordPress - a choice you can miss

Are you trying to decide between Wix and WordPress for creating your website? If the answer is yes, keep reading to find out which one is the best option for your specific needs. WordPress and Wix are two totally separate platforms for building websites but there is a tough battle between them. Wix is easier […]

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Fastest WordPress Theme 2021

Themes are such a thing that affect the loading speed of your entire WordPress site. So, using the fastest WordPress theme is a must for fast websites. Themes add codes to all the webpages on your site. So, a lightweight WordPress theme can make your website load super fast while a poorly coded theme can […]

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7 Steps to Improve TTFB WordPress to Under 100ms

If you can improve TTFB WordPress to under 100ms, you are onto a great start towards having one of the fastest WordPress sites. In order to reduce the Time to First Byte (TTFB) of your website, you need to reduce DNS resolution time, TCP connection time, SSL handshake time, network latency, and server response time […]

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Reduce Initial Server Response Time WordPress - 8 Easy Steps

You need to reduce initial server response time WordPress to under 100ms to get a really fast website speed. Once you reduce server response time, your overall WordPress site speed will improve. Besides, you will see increased stability from your WordPress site performance at all times. However, reducing server response time requires some extra attention […]

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5 Fastest WordPress Cache Plugin 2021

Caching makes any WordPress site load super quick instantly. And the fastest WordPress cache plugin can give your site the biggest speed boost as it solves one of the biggest speed issues of WordPress that is dynamic content. Among all the caching plugins tested in this article, LiteSpeed Cache proved to be the best WordPress […]

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How to Find Your Lost Key from WordPress Database?

Most WordPress plugins and themes will save your API key, license key, login username and password, and other details in your WordPress database. So, you will be able to easily retrieve that information from your WordPress database if you ever lose or forget them. I had once lost the username and password that I was […]

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[SOLVED] Updating or Publishing failed. The response is not a valid JSON response. in WordPress

Fix the annoying WordPress error Publishing failed. The response is not a valid JSON response., Updating failed. The response is not a valid JSON response., or The response is not a valid JSON response. You may have seen these errors when trying to publish or update your WordPress posts or pages. You may even have […]

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