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Page builders are, one way or another, very much responsible for the load time of your WordPress website. The fastest WordPress page builder is the right step towards a super fast website speed. Page builders can make your web pages heavy by adding extra codes and files to your website thereby slowing your site down. So, if you want to have a page builder plugin for fast loading website, this article is for you.

Oxygen Builder is the fastest loading page builder plugin for WordPress. It doesn’t add unnecessary codes to your web pages thereby making them super lightweight. This ensures the fastest loading speed for your website.

However, Oxygen Builder might not be the best choice for you if you are a complete beginner because it requires some basic coding knowledge for websites. In that case, you can stick to the second fastest page builder which is the default Guttenberg page builder of WordPress.

Why Choose Oxygen Builder?

WordPress makes it very easy to build beautiful websites without knowing any codes. But to make the platform simple and easy to use, it provides only the basic features that are necessary to most people. That’s where page builders come. Oxygen Builder is also one of the page builders that provides you with additional functionalities for your WordPress site and allows you to easily customize any web page to your liking in an easy way. Take a look at the following factors that make it a good choice for your website.

Fast loading speed

Where Oxygen Builder stands apart from the rest of the page builders is its focus on page speed. It reduces the total amount of code like HTML, CSS, JS, etc. that are used in your website. This makes your web pages lightweight and therefore your site load faster. It even disables your WordPress theme and takes full control of how your site functions. All these features make it the best choice for building fast loading websites.

Built in Elements

Oxygen builder comes with lots of basic elements that you can use to add headlines, text, image, icon, video etc. to your website. But it most shines in the pre-built elements that let you easily create gallery, modal, slider, pricing box and so much more that you couldn’t do on WordPress without installing additional plugins or page builders. These elements significantly cut down the time you need to build beautiful pages. It also comes with a library of pre-built pages and sections that you can use to easily build beautiful looking websites by just swapping their content with yours.

Full Design Control

You will get full control over your web pages using Oxygen Builder so you will be able to design the pages to your absolute liking. It will give you a visual interface where you can do almost everything you need without writing any codes. This includes designing how your website looks as well as how each element on the page functions like adding animations to your pages. But if you need any additional functionalities, you can also write HTML, CSS, and JS codes for each element on the page which gives you full control over all the elements on your web pages.

Template Builder

You can create templates based on how you want different types of pages to look on your website. For instance, if you want to show a header for all your pages like home, about, etc. but want to show a different header for your blog posts, you can do that by creating templates. This makes designing your website super convenient because you can just design once and then use that design for as many pages as you want. Therefore, every time you write a blog post or create a page you won’t have to design them individually instead you can just use one of your existing designs.

Mobile Friendly

You can create beautiful pages using Oxygen Builder that responds perfectly on mobile devices. You can customize all your website contents for mobile, tablet or other devices that have different screen sizes. Based on your website visitors' screen size, You can change your website content position, their size, add new content, hide existing content and do a lot more. Therefore, you will have complete control over how your website looks on mobile devices.


One of the things that I like about Oxygen Builder is its pricing model. Its price starts at $99 and goes up to $169 based on which functionalities you want. But the best part is that all these licenses are for lifetime and you can use it on an unlimited number of websites.

The $99 plan is enough for doing everything on WordPress unless you use WooCommerce. In which case, you will need to go with its $149 plan that will give you additional functionalities for managing WooCommerce related products and pages. And if you run a web agency you can go with the $169 plan that will allow your web development clients to edit web pages in their WordPress’s default Guttenberg editor even though the web pages are built using Oxygen Builder.

You can check out the article to know about the fastest form builder for WordPress.

Why Oxygen Builder Might Not Be Right For You?

Oxygen Builder gives you lots of benefits and full control over all your web pages. But it might not be right for you based on your requirements and your knowledge about web development. For instance, it disables your WordPress theme so you will need to set up everything on your website by yourself, and maybe you wouldn’t like to take the time to do that. Here are a few reasons that might not prove Oxygen Builder to be the right choice for you.

Basic Programming Knowledge Required

Oxygen Builder functions in a way that reflects how the programming for web development actually works. Therefore, it is a great choice for web developers but when it comes to beginners it might look a bit difficult to use.

For instance, it uses CSS Flexbox for designing your website layout. But if you don’t know how flexbox works, you won’t be able to utilize it to the full potential. While we are at it, most other page builders also use similar methods but they give you a beginner-friendly interface where these methods work under the hood. That’s why, in the case of Oxygen Builder, you will first have to learn how things work in it. But once you have a good understanding of this, building websites will be super easy for you, if not easier than other page builders.

Compatibility issue with other plugins

Oxygen Builder is a relatively new page builder in the market and therefore it might not integrate with all the other plugins you want to use. So, before committing to Oxygen Builder, you should look into its integration capability with the plugins that you dearly need on your WordPress site.

Why Guttenberg Can Be a Good Choice?

If you have looked into Oxygen Builder but it doesn’t meet your requirement, the default Guttenberg builder for WordPress can be a good choice even when you are concerned about your website speed. Here are some reasons it might be a good choice for you.

Default WordPress Builder

Guttenberg is the default page builder for WordPress so this is used widely and it will be a very reliable choice for you. It is also very simplistic and easy to use which will help quickly create simple websites without worrying about spending much time in learning how things work.

Fast Load Time

It is a pretty good bloat-free builder. So, it won’t load lots of unnecessary codes to your webpages and therefore your page size will remain small. This will help your pages load much faster. In fact, you can reliably take Guttenberg as your second choice after Oxygen Builder as long as you are concerned about page speed.

Highest Compatibility with Other Themes and Plugins

One of the great benefits of Guttenberg as the default page builder is that it gets to be compatible with all sorts of themes and plugins. This is because all the developers will want their products to be compatible with at least the default page builder. Therefore, you won’t have to be concerned about it integrating well with the plugins or themes that you will need for your website.

Third-Party Blocks

Even though the simplistic nature of Guttenberg builder limits how much you can do with it, there are lots of third-party themes and plugins that will help you overcome this limitation. You can use themes that give you extra options for deciding how your page layout looks. For instance, you can choose to use a sidebar on your web pages, have your website contents take the full width of the screen, and so on. Additionally, you can use plugins that will let you use different pre-built elements on your pages that will allow you to do more things in less time.

How Much Effect Page Builders Have on Website Speed?

Page builders add codes to your web pages in order to add content, design them and add functionalities to your pages. These codes are added in your page’s main HTML file and in additional files known as CSS and JS files. Therefore, the more codes or files your page builder adds to your web pages, the heavier your pages becomes and the more time it takes for web browsers to load your website.

Generally, page builders add some extra codes to your webpages that aren’t necessary to load specific pages but are necessary for your website as a whole. And the amount of extra codes that page builders add to your webpages are generally a few hundred kilobytes. This might add somewhere between a few hundred milliseconds to a few seconds to your webpage load time. That’s because web browsers need to not only download the additional codes but also execute the codes to show the pages to the website visitors.

However, you can reduce this load time by using plugins or other solutions that do minification of your HTML, CSS, and JS files. This minification reduces the file sizes which leads to faster load time. You can also use caching and CDN to reduce your page load time further. This way you can minimize the page load time difference between various page builders.

What Else Should I Care about Other Than Speed?

Page speed is one of the important factors you can consider while choosing the right page builder for you. However, you need to be careful about some other factors that directly or indirectly affect your webpage building experience and your website performance. Here are a few of these factors that you should look for while choosing the right page builder for your website.

Ease of Use

It is important to easily and effortlessly create webpages for your website. If a page builder makes the process of building web pages complicated by providing a bad user interface, it will be less efficient for you to build web pages and the time for doing that will also increase significantly. Additionally, if you are a beginner, and want to spend less time learning how the page builder works, then you will want to go with a simplistic page builder that uses beginner friendly terms but gives you all features that may be required to build your website.

Tutorials and Support

It is one of the areas which will come very handy when building your website. You may not seem to find how to do something in the builder or if that something is possible to do at all. In situations like that tutorials and the page builder’s support system will become very useful.

Compatibility with Other Themes and Plugins

You will want your page builder to have compatibility with the plugins and themes you will use. Otherwise, your WordPress site won’t function as intended. The most popular page builders tend to be the most compatible with other themes and plugins. That’s why you need to be careful about choosing a less popular page builder as that might create compatibility issues with the other plugins you would want to use.

Available Functionalities

One of the reasons you would want to have a page builder is to create pages however you like. So, it is important for your page builder to be able to do all the things you will require. There is no point in choosing a page builder only to find out it can’t do something that is important for your website.

What Are Some Alternatives?

Your demands from a page builder can vary significantly based on your specific requirements. Therefore, you may want a page builder other than those described above. In that case, you can take a look at the alternatives described below.


Elementor is the most popular page builder plugin other than WordPress’s default ones. It has over 4 million active installations and over 53 million total downloads. It also has 5 star ratings by over 4,800 people and only a few hundred ratings ranging from 1 to 4 stars. Two of the important reasons for Elementor’s popularity are that it is super simple to use and it has a free version with lots of functionalities.

Using its free version, you can do most of the things you will need for a website. Which includes lots of elements for adding different types of contents to your pages and many customization options to customize your website pages to your liking. And if you upgrade to the pro version, it will give you a lot more customization options that will give you complete customization freedom over all your website contents.

For instance, you will get the theme builder option that will allow you to create different headers, footers and page designs for using on different types of pages and posts. That’s why if you want to have an easy to use page builder plugin that is compatible with most themes and plugins, and gives you lots of customization options, you should check out Elementor.


Divi is also among one of the most popular page builder plugins available for WordPress. It doesn’t have a free version so you will have to buy the plugin before you can use it. Divi is easy to use and very much beginner friendly. Therefore, you will be able to effortlessly create websites without worrying about spending lots of time learning it. Even though it is simple to use, it will give you lots of customization options for your website.

Divi comes with plenty of features that you might need to make your web pages look exactly the way you want. And it does this by maintaining a good user interface that will help you get used to it quickly.


Fast loading websites are always an important factor for any website. And to ensure that, a good page builder is necessary that won’t flood your web pages with unnecessary codes.

Oxygen Builder is a powerful page builder plugin that helps create webpages that aren’t heavy of unnecessary codes. That’s why pages created with it load very fast and give your website visitors a good user experience. Even though it is an amazing page builder plugin, it requires some basic coding knowledge to use it properly. That’s why it might not be the right page builder for everyone especially beginners. Other than that, you can use it to create any kind of pages you like.

There are also some alternatives for you if you decide that Oxygen Builder isn’t a good choice for you. One of which is the default Guttenberg page builder of WordPress. It helps create lightweight pages with good customizations. You can also use third-party plugins to add various functionalities to Guttenberg that will make the builder more powerful in creating beautiful websites.

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  1. Seems like oxygen has the undo feature now, but I'm still hesitant to make the switch because it disables the theme completely and doesn't play well some plugins. You mentioned Gutenberg as the second choice, does oxygen built page load faster than Gutenberg in your experience?

    1. Oxygen is the least bulky in my experience which results in faster page load time even compared to Gutenberg. But ultimate difference in pagespeed between them won't be anything significant (maybe from a few milliseconds to a few hundred milliseconds depending on your page). So, if you don't need to aim for every bit of pagespeed possible, then you can easily go with Gutenberg especially considering your concerns. [thanks, updated the undo feature section]

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