Wix Review 2021- here is my experience with it

I often find that my clients are undecided about whether they want to build their website with Wix or not. And it is because they don’t have complete information about the capabilities of Wix. This is also true for a lot of people who find it difficult to figure out if Wix is the right choice for them. So, I decided to have you go through my experience of creating more than 25 websites on Wix. Hopefully, this will help you make a decision for yourself.

Wix is like the one size fits all type. It offers most of the features that any website might ever need but in a simple version. For most people that simple version provides just about everything they need from their websites. But for a few people the small version doesn’t provide all the customizability option that they need. So, depending on your specific needs, Wix can be the best choice for you or it can just be another website builder. Let’s look into what I mean by that in details so that you get a complete idea about Wix.

What is Wix?

Simply put, Wix is an all-in-one website builder that lets you build websites without writing any codes. It provides a drag-and-drop website building interface that is intuitive to use and very much beginner friendly. Therefore, anyone can build a completely new website in just an hour or two. But don’t get me wrong, it may take you a lot more than that to build an absolutely awesome website.

Wix is now a very popular company with more than 150 million registered users on the platform. From its inception in 2006 as an Israeli cloud based web development platform, it has seen a consistent growth. Its intuitive and easy to use website building experience has been one of the most important reasons for this popularity. Its drag-and-drop tools help users create beautiful websites even if they are complete beginners.

You will get all the necessary tools for creating all sorts of websites on Wix. For instance, you can create a blog, business website, personal portfolio, online store, membership site and many more.

Wix has a collection of hundreds of professionally designed templates that you can use to build a stunning website. It even allows you to make two versions of a website. One is for desktop and the other one is for mobile devices. Therefore, your website will look good on all device types.

Ease of Use

I have created a variety of websites using Wix and it has always been very easy to work with. It provides a lot of features but doesn’t complicate things by offering different options for doing the same thing. So, you get one very simple way of doing almost everything. This is what keeps Wix simple and easy to use.

So, even if you are a complete beginner, you will be very comfortable to get started with it. In fact, to make the process even easier for you, Wix lets you build websites in one of two ways. The first way is by using Wix ADI and the second way is by using Wix Editor.

The decision between using Wix ADI and Wix Editor comes down to one simple thing. If you are a complete beginner and don’t want to spend any time customizing your website, ADI is the perfect choice for you. But if you don’t bother spending some extra time to make your website look absolutely stunning, go for Wix Editor. An in depth look at these two editors are given below:


The easiest way to build a website on Wix is to use Wix ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence). If go for Wix ADI, you will need to answer a few questions about the kind of website you want. Then, based on your answers, Wix ADI will build you a unique website. You can then go ahead and start editing the site.

However, for making the ADI very simple, Wix limits the editing power of it. So, you can’t fully customize your website while using Wix ADI. Apart from that, the website that Wix ADI makes is totally unpredictable. So, there is a high chance that you won’t like it. And if that happens, you will need to spend extra time editing the site to make it look better. That’s why I always recommend going with the Wix Editor instead of ADI.

However, you can always move to the Wix Editor from Wix ADI without damaging your contents. But going from Wix Editor to Wix ADI isn’t always possible.

Wix Editor

Wix editor is the single most important thing that lets people create their own beautiful websites without using any codes. It is easy to use but very powerful. To get started with Wix Editor, you can select a template from Wix library and use that as a starting point. You can then customize anything on your website using the Wix Editor.

I have always liked working with Wix Editor because of how natural it feels. On the Wix Editor, you can drag and drop any elements like texts, images etc. on a webpage and edit them as per your needs. You can even use Wix’s pre-designed buttons, shapes, strips, sliders, galleries and other components. This will make creating websites very relaxing.

Working with different elements on Wix is also very easy. When you select any element on the editor, it instantly shows you different options for editing the element. For instance, it lets you do things like cut, copy, paste, duplicate, delete and so on. You can also drag any element anywhere on a page, resize it and rotate it.

It also shows different editing options for different elements. For instance, when you click on a text element, you get options to edit the text and change its design. But when you click on an image element, you get options to change the image, crop it, add a filter and do some other things.

Because of all these features, I can’t appreciate enough how easy it is to work with Wix. It didn’t even take me an hour to get familiar with it and start working. However there will be some learning curve when you want to dive deep into it. But the experience of working with it is just awesome.


Wix provides enough customization options to fulfill your unique needs from your website. Therefore, you get flexibility in changing designs and functionalities of different elements on your website. As a result, you can change the design of every elements, add animation to them and alter how they work on your website. You can also change the settings of different elements to achieve different functionalities.

However, Wix lacks in some customization options here and there. If compared to WordPress which is most popular for its flexibility of customization, you will miss out a bit on Wix. That’s because Wix don’t have thousands of third-party plugins like WordPress. So, you won’t get lots of plugins to customize everything on your Wix website.

That is to say, if you want absolute customization on your website, you should check out my WordPress review.

However, this limitation in design comes with a big win for Wix. And that is simplicity. If Wix added every customization options possible, you would have to deal with a lot more things. Therefore, creating websites on Wix wouldn’t have been so simple and easy.

To clarify, Wix has enough customization options to fulfill all kinds of needs. In fact, even after creating so many websites on Wix, I never felt limited in any way. I just need to do things in a simpler way.


More than 600 templates are available in the Wix library for all kinds of websites. So, if you need a template for your business, online store, blog, personal portfolio, education, photography or anything else, you will find something that fits your specific needs.

Furthermore, all these templates are designed professionally and looks good on all kinds of devices. These templates also follow modern website design trends. So, they will give your website a stunning look that will be liked by your website visitors. These templates are also free to use with any Wix website.

However, once you create a website on Wix, you can’t change its template. So, you need to choose the right template before you create your website. Therefore, if you want to change the look of your website after it is created, you will need to change everything manually.

Mobile Responsiveness

I always make sure that all my websites look good on all desktop, tablet and mobile devices. That’s because more than 50 percent of all the internet uses come from mobile devices. So, if a website looks good on desktops but not on mobiles, it won’t perform very well. Therefore, having a platform that allows me to make mobile friendly websites is very important.

Wix has two editing modes for desktop and mobiles devices. So, I can easily make my websites responsive to all device types. Though Wix doesn’t have an editing mode for tablets, most tablets will show the mobile version of the website. So, it will look okay on tablets and that is enough for me.

Wix automatically adjusts the website design on mobiles version to make it mobile friendly. So, it will reduce your effort in customizing the website for the mobile version. Additionally, it allows you to do a lot of customizations on the mobile version. Therefore, you can change the position of elements, resize them, change their design and do some other customizations.

You will also be able to hide some elements on the mobile version to make them desktop only. But you can’t have mobile only contents on your Wix website. However, this isn’t so important because you will almost never want to hide any contents from the desktop version.

Pro Tip: Always try to use a Strip for every section of your website. You can use premade strips for different sections like the about us, testimonial, services and others. If you don’t see a matching strip, add a blank strip then attach your contents on the strip. This will help you organize your site better and save you a lot of time when editing on mobile version.

Tools and Features

Wix does a great job at creating beautiful websites but it has some additional tools that make the platform valuable. You can do SEO, promote your website, reach more audience, increase sales and do a lot more using these tools. In fact, Wix allows you to do all these inside the Wix platform. So, managing everything on your website gets a lot easier. Moreover, most of these functionalities are automated on Wix. So, you can set up these once and they will work just fine without needing you valuable time. Knowing about these things in advance will help you understand Wix better. So, let’s take a look at how these things work in details.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process that helps websites having higher ranking on search results. Therefore, better SEO helps increasing the number of visitors on a website. However, most people find it complicated to optimize their sites for search engines. But Wix makes it very easy by providing a feature called Wix SEO Wiz. It provides you with step-by-step instructions that you can follow to set up your website for SEO.

Following the instructions, you can give your website a name and add up to 3 keywords that describes your website. Additionally, you can update title, description and text for every page of your website from using the instructions. It will also instruct you to list your website on Google so that it can be found on search results.

Besides, Wix makes it very easy to add Schema markup on your website. This improves your website search ranking by making your website more readable to search engines. Wix even lets you turn on AMP for your blogs which can be very helpful in ranking higher on Google searches. Considering all these features, Wix SEO tools can really help improve your website traffic in the long run.

You can also add SEO apps from the Wix app market to have better control over your site’s SEO. Site Booster is consider as a good app for SEO on Wix. You can get it for free or upgrade to its paid plan.


Wix offers different types of forms like contact form, job application, subscribe etc. that you can use on your website. It even lets you fully customize these forms to match your specific needs. Thus, you can add or remove any input fields and change their design to your satisfaction. You can also add all kinds of input fields on the forms like text, number, checkbox etc. Besides, you can have form submitter’s information emailed to you every time someone submits a form on your website. However, Wix doesn’t let you add file upload field or more than 10 input fields in a single form by default. And to remove this restriction, you will need to upgrade to a paid Ascend plan.

But there is another way of creating forms that won’t come with these restrictions. And that is by using a database on your website. This way, you can add different input fields and connect them to a database which will work like a form. Afterwards, when someone fills up the form, the information will be stored on the database for later use. However, this method comes with a limitation that is you won’t get emails for form submissions. Therefore, you will need to manually check for form submissions which will be pretty inconvenient.

Database & Dynamic Pages

Wix’s database can be something really special as long as you need it. You can use it to collect visitors’ information, store various data and do some other things. But the most interesting thing you can do is creating dynamic pages. To demonstrate, you can design a dynamic page and link individual contents of that page to specific fields of a database. Then you can add new contents to the database to automatically generate new pages.

This way, new pages will be generated by replacing the contents of the dynamic page with the linked contents on the database. So, you will get new webpages without designing them over and over again. And if you ever update any contents on the database, the contents on the respective page will also be updated.

Furthermore, you can allow your website visitors to add contents on the database. To do that, you can add input fields on your website and connect them to the database fields. So, when someone submits new contents, it will be updated to the database and a new page will be generated automatically.

Ascend by Wix

Ascend is a tool that facilitates customer relationship on the Wix platform. It has two categories namely Customer Management and Marketing Tools. These includes a set of functionalities that help increase website visitors, turn visitors into leads and convert leads into customers.

To increase website visitors, you can set up SEO for your website using an Ascend tool called Wix SEO Wiz. Then to turn website visitors into leads, you can use different forms and live chat functionality on your website. This will subsequently help you collecting visitors’ email addresses and building contact lists for your business. In fact, when someone submits an email address on any of your forms, it is automatically added to your contact lists.

Then to convert leads into customers, you can send promotional emails to your contact lists. You can also create automations to automatically send emails to your contacts.

Additionally, Ascend will provide an inbox for managing all the live chats from one place. You can also download Wix app on your iOS or Android device to respond to customer messages from your phone.

Apart from these, Ascend provides an editor to easily create social media posts and videos. This will help growing audience and increasing engagement on your social media accounts.

You will be able to use Ascend with any of your Wix websites. Though Ascend comes free with all Wix websites, it requires upgrading to paid plans for unlocking all its features.

Third-Party Integration

Any website builder can’t provide all the functionalities you may require from a website. For example, I use Google analytics to keep track of my website performance and audience behavior. But Google analytics is a service that isn’t natively offered by any website building platform. For this reason, I can only use Google analytics if the website building platform allows connecting it on their websites. Otherwise, I will miss out required functionalities that I want from my website. That’s why third party integration capability is a very important thing to consider when choosing a website building platform.

Wix doesn’t disappoint when it comes to third party integration. It natively provides a lot of features so you won’t need a lot of functionalities from other providers. But if you need something from other providers, Wix will have you covered. That’s because Wix provides you with the option of connecting popular third party services to your website. So, you will not be restricted to using only what Wix natively offers.

However, the number of available third party services for Wix is very limited when compared to open source platforms like WordPress. For instance, you may find that some ads networks only support WordPress but not Wix. In that case, you will need to use different ads networks on your website. But these things won’t be a major problem because most popular third-party services can be added to Wix websites very easily. Moreover, Wix has an App Market for adding these third party services on the platform which you will find very useful.

Speaking of WordPress, here is an comparison article between Wix and WordPress.

Wix App Market

Wix has a collection of over 300 apps on its app market. You can use these apps to add different functionalities on your website. Some of these apps are provided by Wix and others are by third parties. Using Wix provided apps, you can enable live chat, forum, blog and some other core features. Conversely, you can enable functionalities from other provides using the third party apps on your website. For instance, you can use 123 Form Builder, Site Booster, Facebook Like, Instagram Feed and other apps for additional functionalities.

However, you won’t find most common third party services related to analytics and marketing on the app market. That’s because, these are included in the marketing integration settings on Wix. You will find services like Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook Pixel, MailChimp, Hotjar, Hellobar etc. on there.

Website Types

Wix lets you create all kinds of websites on the platform. So, you can create websites for your business, profession, portfolio, online store, blog, membership or for anything else. And any of these website types can pretty much fulfill all your requirements. However, some website types are better suited on Wix than the others. So, I will walk you through the major website types on Wix to give you a better idea about them. This way you will be able to decide whether Wix is a good suit for your specific website type. Let’s take a look at the particulars of these website categories in details.

Business or Profession

One of the main strengths of Wix lies in its business oriented websites. You can easily set up a beautiful business or professional website using Wix’s premade templates. It won’t even take you an hour to set up everything if you don’t do a lot of modifications. Additionally, you will get hundreds of business related templates in the Wix library. These templates will cover all kinds of businesses like fitness, beauty, restaurant, real estate, consulting, marketing, photography, travel, automotive etc. You can choose any of the templates and customize everything on it to match all your requirements.

Apart from these, Wix provides a lot of features that can help boost your business performance. For instance, you can use Wix’s tools for doing SEO of your website to have more visitors. You can also add forms and live chat on your website to collect visitors’ contact information. Then you can use those contact information to send promotional emails for increasing sales. Additionally, you can use Wix’s tools to create posts and videos for social media to promote your products and services. In fact, Wix will let your customers pay for your services online.

When you combine all these together, you will see that Wix is a very good choice, if not the best choice, for a business or professional website. That’s why I can easily suggest Wix to anyone who wants to have a website for their business or profession.


Starting a blog is very easy on Wix. You can start by choosing a blogging template or add Blog on your existing Wix site to enable blogging. The blogging interface of Wix is very simple so you will find it easy to use. Most appropriately, Wix provides plenty of features for blogging without making things complicated. Additionally, you can better organize your blog posts by creating categories and adding your posts to them.

You can customize your Blog page and Post page like any other pages on Wix. So, you can easily give your blog pages a distinctive look. Additionally, you will see separate options to customize the look of your main blog contents. This will allow you to enable social sharing buttons, recent posts and comments section on your blog posts. You can also show or hide some information from your blog posts like the Author info, Published date, Likes counter etc. Moreover, designing your Post page will update the design of all blog posts on your website. So, you won’t have to design each blog pages separately.

Apart from these, Wix allows you to optimize your blog posts for search engines. So, you will be able to update your post title, description and URL for SEO purposes. Besides, you can enable AMP for your blog posts to improve its mobile experience from search engines. This is also favored by major search engines like Google and Bing. So, your website will have a higher chance of ranking well in search results.

Again, you can enable Schema on your blogs to give your blog posts a better structure. This will make your posts more understandable to the search engines. As a result, the chance of your posts ranking higher on search engines will increase.


It is a good thing that Wix makes it very easy to create ecommerce websites on the platform. In fact, I find it very simple compared to some other website building platforms. And it can be a great choice if you just want to start selling online without going through complicated set-up process.

You can sell both physical and digital products form your online store on Wix. Besides, it is possible to add up to 50,000 products on a Wix store. And it allows adding up to 6 options for a product totaling up to 300 variants. To illustrate, if you sell a shirt that has 3 options like Size, Fits, and Color with 7, 4 and 5 choices respectively, you are looking into 140 variants of that shirt. Therefore, Wix will be enough to add plenty of variants for your products.

Though Wix allows up to 50,000 products, adding anything near that will make your site performance suffer. Additionally, managing more than a few hundred products will become cumbersome on Wix.

That’s why I wouldn’t recommend Wix if you want to add hundreds of products to your online store. In that case you can go with Shopify or WooCommerce.

However, if you don’t have that many products to sell, Wix will be a great choice. In fact, it can be one of the best options for simplicity and cost effectiveness. It won’t even charge commission on your earnings.

Note: Remember to choose one of Wix’s Business & eCommerce plans for creating online store.


Another great thing I like about Wix is its bookings feature. Wix bookings is a scheduling feature that lets your customers schedule a time with your services from your website. This feature is especially useful if you provide private consultation, educational classes or similar services. You can list your services with their description and prices on your website. Then your customers can go to your website and book any of your services. You can also ask your customers to pay online or in person if you don’t offer the service for free.

There are two main kinds of bookings that you can set on your Wix website. These are 1-on-1 sessions and Multiple Participants sessions. With the 1-on-1 sessions, you can allow one person to book an appointment with you at a specific time. This is suitable for services like private consultations, coaching appointments and so on.

Conversely, Multiple Participants sessions allow more than one people to book the same service. But you can set the maximum number of participants for every session. This booking system is suitable for services like workshops, strategy courses and so on. Multiple Participants sessions are of two types Ongoing Sessions and Set of Sessions. For ongoing sessions, customers can book any of your sessions based on availability. But for set of sessions, your customers need to book a fixed number of sessions at a time.

All of these booking processes will be completely automated. So, your customers will be able to book services based on availability of time and space. You can even send them automated confirmation email after a booking is completed.

Membership Site

Wix doesn’t leave you behind even if you want to create a membership site. You can add Member’s Area on any of your Wix websites to make it a membership site. On your Wix membership site, people can create accounts to get access to different pages and resource. This can be especially helpful if you want to offer paid membership services to your customers.

After signing in to your membership site, members will see a page called My Account which will contain their individual information. Additionally, members will see some other pages based on the type of your website. For instance, if your website is an ecommerce store, they will see My Orders, My Addresses and My Wallet pages. Conversely, if your website accepts bookings, members will see My Bookings page. Whereas, if your site has blog enabled, members will see blog related pages like Blog Comments, Blog Likes etc. Using these additional pages, members will be able to see and manage their activities on your website.

It is also possible to create a membership site with file sharing capability on Wix. This will create a Files page on your website. Therefore, members with permission will be able to upload their own files and view others files.

Additionally, you can create Forum as a membership site. This will allow your members to interact with one another on your website. In case of forum, members will see some forum specific pages like Forum Posts, Forum Comments etc.

You will have control over all the members on your website. Therefore, you will be able to accept or cancel anyone’s membership, define members’ roles and give them access to certain pages and resources on your website.


Wix is very much beginner friendly so it is a very good choice for anyone starting out with a website. But, what happens when you grow big! Can you grow your website to the point where Wix can’t keep up with your increasing demand?

The answer is that you can’t outgrow your website on Wix even if you start having millions of monthly visitors on your website. However, there are some drawbacks that might hold you back a bit. For instance, Wix Editor loads all the pages and contents at once when you start editing your website. Therefore, bigger websites with lots of pages and contents make Wix editor run slower. Managing a lot of pages also feels cumbersome on the editor. Besides, Wix doesn’t support more than 2 levels in menu. This might be a little frustrating for people if they want to have multiple sublevels in their menu.

However, having lots of pages on Wix doesn’t slow down your website loading speed to the visitors. So, it isn’t going to be a problem at scaling your website. To clarify, Wix treats blog pages separately so you won’t face any problems managing them. Indeed, you can easily manage 100s of blog pages on your Wix website.

Additionally, you can use dynamic pages feature on Wix to reduce your effort on formatting new pages. This way you can upload contents on a database to automatically generate new pages based on predefined template designs. Therefore, scaling websites on Wix will become very easy.


I don’t like it when a website requires me to frequently update its resources and check if everything works fine. So, once I build a website, I want it to always work perfectly without requiring my actions. Therefore the best maintenance to me is no maintenance at all.

Some website building platforms like WordPress requires constant attention for maintaining. It is also highly dependent on third party resources. So, you will need to update all its resources like plugins, theme etc. frequently to avoid security issues and fix bugs. But there remains a chance that a new update of something will completely break your website. So, you will have to always worry about maintaining your website properly.

Wix, on the other hand, is a highly controlled website building platform. Therefore, every new templates, features and updates are tested to work before it is rolled out on the platform. Additionally, it isn’t dependent on third-party resources. So, you can be sure that every update and new features on the platform will work fine without any problems. In fact most of the times its updates happen internally so you won’t even know when something got an update.

This is one of the biggest reasons for me recommending Wix to anyone who isn’t a professional at website developer. This way they don’t need to worry about updating their website or breaking it in the process. Therefore, if you also don’t like to worry about maintaining your website, Wix can be a very good choice for you.

Help and Support

We all need help figuring out how to do something when building a website. No matter how small or big a problem is, it always exists. In fact, you won’t always want to figure out everything by yourself. So, you will just want answer to your specific questions. Therefore, even though Wix is very easy to work with, you will be better of getting support when needed.

However, by help and support I don’t just mean the support team of Wix. That’s because when I face any problem, the first thing I do is search for it on Google. In fact, this is the easiest way of getting answers and it takes the least amount of time. Whereas, going to customer support requires some waiting period for getting response. Then it requires explaining the problem and going back and forth to get the answer.

Conversely, a quick Google search provides me with relevant YouTube videos, Wix documentations and other websites addressing the problem. So, I can easily go through these resources and find my answer. But if that doesn’t resolve my problem, I can go to the customer support.

Wix is more than a decade old with over 150 million users. So, most problems have already been faced by someone else and got resolved on the internet. Therefore, you will easily get answers to all your questions with just a simple Google search. As a result, I only needed to contact customer support only for a few times in creating so many websites.

You can contact Wix’s support team by either email, call back or live chat. To me experience, I found them to be very prompt at responding and resolving my issues.

Security & Privacy

Security and privacy are two of the most concerning issues with websites now a days. So, the necessity of protecting user information and guarding websites from attackers are increasing rapidly.

One of the most important security measures for user information is Transport Layer Security (TLS) certificate. It is most commonly known by its deprecated version called Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). A site with valid SSL certificate is considered as safe and its URL starts with “https://” instead of “http://”. This ensures that all the data transfers between your web browser and the web server are encrypted. Therefore, your sensitive data like account logins, credit card info etc. can’t be interpreted or used by any attackers.

All Wix websites have SSL certificate so your site will be considered as secure and safe.

When it comes to accepting payments from your website, Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) compliance is very important. It is a series of rules and standards set by major card brands to ensure the security of online transactions. Thus, these rules must be met by websites to accept online payments.

Wix is PCI compliant so you will be able to accept online payments from your Wix website. However, Wix requires you to have one of its Business & eCommerce plans to accept online payments.

Apart from these, website securities are also ensured by Wix. That is to say, Wix performs regular security checks on the platform to find out and resolve security issues. It also has SSL on the platform so your signup, login and payment credentials are securely treated. Besides, Wix uses cryptography hash function to store user information. So, your information will be unreadable to attackers even if there is a database breach on Wix.

Backup & Restore

Backups are the last hope if anything goes wrong with a website. So, I consider this to be very important for me. Wix has a feature called Site History which saves every version of your website. Therefore, if you ever want to go back to a previous version of your website, you can do that. You can also retrieve information from your website’s previous version using the site history. Besides, you can duplicate your entire website on Wix and treat that like a backup or a new website.

However, Wix Site History only allows you to restore a previous version of your entire website. So, if you want to restore only one page or a part of your website without restoring the others, you can’t do that. Therefore, you will need to redo everything by yourself.

Apart from that, Wix doesn’t allow creating a local backup of your website. Therefore, you can’t download your website and store it on your computer or anywhere else. So, there is a chance that you can completely lose your website if something happens to Wix’s servers. However, this isn’t something that is very common. But if something like this happens, Wix has the measures to restore your data. In fact, it has backup servers that are dedicated to handling situations like this. So, you can get away without worrying about this at all.


Wix offers various plans with different prices. The prices are competitive in the market so you will get good value for your money. But there is one thing in particular that I like most about Wix’s pricing. Which is that I know my actual cost of running a website while choosing my plan on Wix. That’s because Wix is an all-in-one website building platform and it provides all its features without any additional cost.

Conversely, if I go with platforms like WordPress, estimating the actual cost of my website will become very difficult. That’s because WordPress heavily relies on third-party themes and plugins to add different features on its websites. And I will need to pay extra for using some of these themes and plugins. So, even though the initial cost of WordPress websites may look cheaper, the actual cost can be significantly higher than Wix.

A good thing about Wix is that it has a forever free plan that is automatically activated once you sign up on the platform. So, you can thoroughly test it before committing into a paid plan. But as you guessed, the free plan comes with its limitations. For instance, it comes with Wix branding, limited resources and you can’t add custom domain or accept online payments in this plan. Therefore, you will need to upgrade to a premium plan to remove these restrictions.

Wix has a total of 7 premium plans that start at $4.50 a month and goes up to $35 a month. You also get a 14 days money back guarantee with any of these plans.

However, if you want to have multiple websites, Wix will charge you full amount for all your websites. So, there is no discount for multiple websites. Other than that, Wix pricing is very reasonable.


Wix makes it very easy to create stunning websites without needing to write a single line of code. And the only way you can realize how easy it is to build a website on Wix is by creating one yourself. Besides, you can get your website done in just a few hours using one of Wix’s professionally made templates.

Apart from being easy to use, Wix editor is very powerful. It lets you customize your website exactly the way you want. You can change any design, add animation and add different functionality on your website.

From simple personal portfolio websites to business websites or ecommerce stores, Wix is suitable for all. Besides, you can use Wix’s Ascend to increase your website visitors and boost your sales. Wix is, in fact, a one true all-rounder when it comes to website builders.

Sure, Wix comes with a few limitations here and there but these never proved to be a deal-breaker for me. Indeed, there are safeguards that minimize these limitations as much as possible. For instance, Wix doesn’t let you change template but you can redesign everything on your website thereby giving it a completely new look. Again, you can’t make a local backup of your Wix website but Wix keeps backup for every version of your website. Therefore, the necessity of keeping backups is reduced significantly. Besides, its backup servers ensure that your website data can be restored even if there is a hardware failure.

Therefore, it is very unlikely to get disappointed with what Wix offers. That’s why more than 85 percent users recommend Wix to others.

So, if you don’t want to spend hours or even days searching for the best website builder only to realize that it lacks a core feature that you need for your website, go for Wix. It will save you a lot of time and a lot more headache.

Also, if you aren’t sure about the features or functionalities that you will need for your website, Wix can be a great choice. That’s because Wix lets you add any types of functionalities on your website without any additional cost.

Its pricing policy is very competitive so you can be sure that you will get great value for your money. Besides, it gives a 14 days money back guarantee for all of its premium plans. It also offers a lifetime free plan that comes with some restrictions but it is enough to explore everything on the platform. Therefore, you can give it a try and test out yourself if it is the right choice for you.

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